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Kodak Transition Lenses

Looking for glasses that adapt to wherever you go? Kodak light-responsive lenses seamlessly change from clear to dark grey in the sun. They also help reduce glare and prevent eyestrain and fatigue.
Indoors or outdoors, Kodak Transitions® Lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions in order to enhance your vision in every situation.
Kodak Transitions Lenses helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue
Transitions lenses can benefit those who regularly spend time indoors and outdoors throughout the day or those who find themselves sensitive to bright outdoor light.


1. Protect your eyes through adaptive lenses.

Transition eyeglass lenses adapt and darken when exposed to UV sunlight. These harmful UV rays can eventually damage the sensitive macula of your eye. The macula controls your central vision, but over time this vision can be affected by things like age, smoking, and UV light.

2. Gain more benifits out of one pair of lenses.

Instead of constantly having to switch between dress glasses and prescription sunglasses, you are able to use the same pair whether you are indoors or outdoors.

3. Block more blue light to guard your eyes against fatigue.

Transition eyeglass lenses now block more blue light indoors than a traditional clear lens can. As the use of technology increases, the need to protect our eyes from the strain blue light causes also increases.

4. Get clearer vision by reducing glare and preventing eye strain.

Because Transitions block UV rays, they cut the bright glare that we all encounter when we step out into the sunshine. They also prevent the eye strain we experience from constantly squinting in bright light.

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