Carrera Eyewear Success Story & Collections

The history of the CARRERA brand in the field of eyewear, ski helmets and masks began as far back as 1956, a story of success driven by passion for design, continuous innovation, eye-catching flare and uncompromising style.

Carrera is currently one of the world’s best and most popular brands of eyewear. Carrera was inspired by Wilhelm Anger, an Austrian sports eyewear company; Wilhelm worked very hard in the 1960s to improve the material and stability of the products. Later, the company teamed up with Ferdinand Alexander, a vehicle designer, to develop a special collection of sunglasses called CARRERA Porsche Design. The company began sponsoring various sporting events in the 1980s, including Formula One racing and the Olympics.

Wilhelm patented Optyl®, a new form of resin which was hypoallergenic, extremely durable, and 20% lighter than all other plastics used in the sunglasses industry. This resin provided permanent elasticity and dimensional stability, meaning it would adapt to the wearer’s face with a “memory effect”. The impact this material had on the industry is felt to this day, with 90% of all high-end sunglasses manufactured with the Optyl material.

The Safilo Group bought CARRERA in the 1990s and moved the company’s headquarters to Padova, Italy. Since this move, Carrera has grown in popularity among athletes and celebrities. Carrera eyewear is made of high-quality materials and comes in a variety of styles. Known for their multi-layered lenses with gradient colors, they have a retro look that is very popular today.

Celebrities love Carrera brand sunglasses and can be seen wearing their favorite styles at various sporting events and activities. Some of the notable wearers of Carrera brand sunglasses are Madonna and Paris Hilton. Although Carrera eyewear has not become popular in the music industry, it has taken over Hollywood. Actors such as Brad Pitt, Gwen Stefani, and Britney Spears have been seen wearing Carrera sunglasses. The brand, however, has sponsored a few music albums and videos for Rihanna, Usher, Lady Gaga, to name a few.

Carrera sunglasses are known worldwide and are easily recognizable, and thus have been “copied” by other sunglass manufacturers. No one has been able to imitate the quality of Carreras. Buyers can distinguish the real sunglasses from the knock-offs because Carrera always adds their logo to the side of the frames. Only Carrera can offer their customers such a thrilling experience.

Carrera’s customers are mostly young men and women who are successful, seek out experiences in life, and are always up for an adventure. The brand embodies adventure, excitement, spontaneity, and pleasure.

Carrera Product stories creates different ways for you to be bold, choose the perfect eyewear for you and change the way you show yourself to the world forever.

 Product Stories

THE NEW BOLD COLLECTION: Expressive sunglasses in the most iconic shapes and details that make your style fearless and standout. A collection reflecting true boldness in expressive modern silhouettes, refined colors and outstanding details. Feel the unmistakable spirit of CARRERA. Redefine your boldness in style.


Do you have a bold spirit? With their rectangular shape, CARRERA 1030/S are the sunglasses for you: an injected model, of large dimensions, featuring the logo printed on the front. All you have to do is to choose the colour: matt black with polarized grey lenses, matt dark havana with dark grey shaded lenses, black with yellow lenses or black with brown shaded lenses.

THE METAL TWIST: The iconic design of Carrera frames combined with cutting-edge technologies. Choose adventure, choose a risk. Don't worry about bad weather, stress and knocks. The Metal Twist can withstand them all and return to its original shape. Because its design and its materials are flawless.

You can flex them. Bend them. Twist them. And they will return to their original form. Carrera 186/S are the strong point of avant-garde design and resistance. Let them become yours too: show off a determined and trendy look with a hint of vintage elegance.

 THE PURE LIGHTNESS: Lightness before all, Because quality is reflected in the practicality of use. Our first creation in Optyl, a unique material. This choice seeks to help you relive that same lightness. Will you be up to the challenge?

What makes the Carrera 201 unisex sunglasses a "must"? An ultra-light rectangular shape, new gradients, and 3D finishes. The iconic flag of the brand. The compromise between refinement and comfort. In short: maximum audacity.

THE URBAN CREW: They call them Generation Z, but they are not the last. They are the ones who want to stand out and fill our cities with boldness. Urban design eyewear, a bold style, comfortable and lightweight materials. Because revolutions start with young people.

Fearless. Creative. Untamable. This is what the new generations and Carrera have in common. And these glasses prove it. A thin rectangular frame, coloured UV-protection lenses, strategically positioned flag motif and the C-logo on each temple: when even young people want to stand out.

THE ULTEM GRIP: This selection is designed for the competitive souls out with it's ultra-flexible glasses, to overcome everyday challenges. The latest innovative concept designed by the brand contains a series of extraordinary features which make this sunglass model a perfect ally in a fast-paced world. Functional design and technical features come together in the Carrera collections to create a perfect aesthetic harmony. These rectangular glasses in the Active line are characterised by a cutting-edge mix of injected rubber temples and an ultra-flexible construction. With a strong focus on performance and characterized by a full-rim square frame, this model features shaped nose pads and the Carrera logo printed along the temples, which lends a touch of "cool".

THE COOL STEEL: The perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. Timeless glasses with simple and sleek shapes. Absolute comfort for daily use and a look that never fails.

If you are afraid of attracting attention, the Carrera 180/F are not for you. Their hexagonal shape, minimal forms and modern contrasts capture every look. The palladium-coloured metal frame and tortoise-shell acetate temple tips enhance your more "street" side. Let's not forget the final touch: the C-logo and the iconic Carrera flag. Only for non-conformists.
THE C NOTE: The leather detail on the front and the "C" mark: it's unmistakably Carrera. Relive a glorious past with a modern twist. Discover the selection that celebrates the most distinctive Carrera trait: the C-logo on the front.

Bold contrasts, teardrop frames, and double bridges lend a contemporary twist to the aviator shape. It offers a design that revolutionises the world of eyewear, a touch of sophistication with its polarised lenses, and a gritty interpretation of the C-logo lettered logo, the unmistakable Carrera trademark. It's only for rebellious souls.

THE GOLDEN TOUCH:A story of light and style that enhances the Carrera design making it even more iconic from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Gold tones that enhance rounded silhouettes adding the right urban attitude to each style


These distinctly modern CARRERA 166/S sunglasses remain a best seller, courtesy of the stylish, subtly oversized aviator shape and an expert, nearly weightless construction. Refreshed here in the season’s new colorway they have just the right amount of vintage vibes, thanks to the double nose bridge and blue rubber side shields. Carrera’s custom-designed Tank Hinge and a host of signature details round off this sleek and seductive pair.

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