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Brand: Lazord

Color: Blue

Family: Quarterly

Type: Colored Lenses

Lazord Contact lenses may create a distinctive shape for you, as lazord lenses are distinguished in that they give a beautiful look and appear attractive, you can get them for different occasions and on a daily basis. Multiple months in use

Features of Lazord lenses: 

  • Soft contact lens 
  • Irritation-free 
  • Suitable for people with dry and sensitive eyes 
  • Moisture retaining 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Can be worn to the gym
  • Lazord lenses can be worn with makeup 
  • Multiple months in use

Green Lazord lenses: 

For a magical stunning eye look, try Lazord green lenses. If you want your gorgeous eyes to look even more gorgeous and you are up for a change, Azure Lazord lenses are perfect for that. The alluring lenses are perfect and look great with any skin tone or hair color. 

Makeup Looks that compliment Lazord lenses in Azure: 

If you are attending a fancy event such as a wedding, try a bold eyeliner look to make your eyes look sleek and feline-like. This is a fun and unique way to enhance your green Lazord lenses. 

Bronze eyeshadow is another way to enhance your green Lazord lenses without making your eyes look dark. This is a great option for morning outing. 

How to care for your Lazord lenses: 

  • Clean them after every wear 
  • Keep them storred in solution when you are not wearing them 
  • Rub your lenses gently with your finger and rinse them with contact lens cleaning solution to clean them. 
  • Make sure you do not scratch your lenses when cleaning them
  • soak your lenses in saline overnight after cleaning them
  • Rinse your contact lens case with NEW contact lens cleaning solution. Empty out the old solution before you do this.
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