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Why is it essential to wear sunglasses?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause considerable damage to your eyes if you’re exposed to too much of them. Look for a pair that blocks 100% of both UVB and UVA radiation.

The closer you live to the equator, the stronger the sun’s rays will be, so the more often you will need to wear them. You should wear sunglasses on sunny days – most health advisors recommend between 10am and 4pm as this is when the sun’s rays are strongest and the eyes most vulnerable to damage.

What if my frames don’t look good on me?

That's impossible, everything looks good on you. However, if you feel you need a change after the purchase, you have 14 days to return the purchase. Its all good with us.

What are my lens choices?

The best way to choose a lens is to let an eyecare professional explain all lens options that would be best for you, based on your prescription, job, hobbies, and lifestyle. Do you need a lightweight lens? Impact resistant? Do you want lenses to darken in the sun? Do you have trouble seeing while driving at night? What about eyestrain from the computer? Please give us a call so we can find the best fit.

I'm interested in the glasses that change to sunglasses outside. Can you explain more?

These are called photochromic lenses.

When exposed to the sun's UV rays, photochromic lenses darken automatically, becoming sunglasses; when no longer exposed to UV, they quickly become clear again. Photochromic lenses are a great choice if you typically wear glasses all day, frequently go outside, and don't want to bother with prescription sunglasses.

But be aware that most photochromic lenses don't darken very much inside your car or truck. This is because the windshield glass used in today's vehicles blocks most of the sun's ultraviolet radiation that is required to initiate the lens darkening process. So, you still might want to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving on sunny days.

I’ve been told that sunglasses are not necessary because nature has given us enough protection. Is that right?

Natural sun protection used to be adequate, but no longer. Glare bounces off plastic, metals and glass are things our ancestors didn’t deal with. Also, unlike our ancestors, most people spend far more time indoors and are less accustomed to bright and intense light. Research indicated that long-term exposure to UV rays can contribute to cataracts and other vision problems.

How often should I have my eyes tested?

Even if you are not aware of any problems you should have your eyes tested every year. The eye test is a regular health check, which can detect underlying health problems as well as changes in your vision.

Why is an eye test so important?

The eye test can pick up very early signs of any problems; the earlier treated the better. The eye test can detect underlying health problems that you aren't aware of, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, some brain tumors and multiple sclerosis. The eye test will detect if your vision can be improved.

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