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Choosing between glasses and contact lenses

Still torn between glasses and contact lenses, maybe this will help; people with vision problems have many options to help correct their vision and improve eye health. Many people opt for contact lenses or eyeglasses but to help out a bit, here is the list of pros and cons for each.

contact lenses vs eyeglasses

Pros of Contact Lenses:

  • Contact lenses don’t affect appearances
  • They’re suitable for playing sports and outdoor activities
  • They’re practical and easy to use
  • Contact lenses don’t affect peripheral vision as glasses can
  • Lenses do not get dirty or fog up (eg: when raining)
  • Boost self-esteem

While on the other hand:

  • Lenses sometimes cause eye infections when worn for a long period
  • People who fall asleep with lenses on may be at a higher risk of developing infections
  • Poor regular cleaning can cause irritation, inflammation, and infections
  • They can cause dry eyes
  • They’re not suitable for those with sensitive eyes
  • Contact lenses require more frequent checkups and prescription renewals

However, when it comes to glasses, their pros:

  • Glasses are quick, easy, and relatively cheap to improve vision
  • Wearers are less likely to suffer from eye infections
  • Glasses have a wide variety of options and styles to choose from
  • They don’t need much care in comparison to contact lenses
  • Glasses can have a protective coating that can help avoid eye strain while working on computers or mobile phones

contact lenses fitting


  • They affect peripheral vision
  • They can break or get lost
  • Glasses can fog up or get dirty according to weather and activity
  • Fashionable eyeglasses frames can be expensive

So how can you choose between both?

Put into consideration your lifestyle, hobbies, comfort, and cost while picking between the two. Some people choose to switch between eyeglasses and contacts if they choose, though this is the most expensive option. This may also be useful to give contact wearers a break or for times when they are unable to use contacts.

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