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Among the optical and sunglasses collections, Christian Dior Sunglasses is an essential member. The reason lies in the fact that Christian Dior sunglasses not only has a long history, but also some other unique characteristics.

 Christian Dior is thought to be the first major fashion house to put it's name under licence for an eyewear brand in the mid 1960's.

The beginnings of the Maison Dior

The French designer revolutionized women’s fashion with his first haute couture collection in 1947. The lines he proposed were completely detached from the fashion of the time that had been affected by the war, its dramas and narrowness. Dior exalted femininity, with a creative genius who conceived new forms, wringing her waist and opening the skirt like the corolla of a flower. And “Corolle” was precisely the name of this collection, but it is known as “New Look”, a term coined by Carmel Snow, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazar, who highlighted its revolutionary appearance.

Each of his collections, since then, offered original and unique garments, always very feminine and elegant to which were combined with equally refined accessories.

Christian Dior was also an innovative entrepreneur. In fact, he licensed his perfumes and accessories to third-party companies. In particular, the glasses were produced in the 1950s by Tura, a New York company founded by an optician, Monroe Levoy. Tura glasses were high fashion accessories and at the same time works of art, in chiseled metal, with enamel and jewelry applications, available only to a very elite group of buyers.

Dior glasses in Optyl

In 1969, German eyewear manufacturer Wilhelm Anger, founder of Optyl International, was able to acquire a license from Dior and revolutionized the production of his glasses.

Using the Optyl, the lightweight thermo-hardening plastic of his own invention, he transformed luxury sunglasses into more accessible accessories to wear every day. The characteristics of this material also allowed for a greater range of models, from wide and original lines, unknown colors until then and delicate degradé of transparent, brown, green and grey colors that still characterize the style elegant and sophisticated by Dior.

Wilhelm created the slogan "Dress your face" and it's safe to say Christian Dior eyewear was a luxurious eyewear range. A visible brand name, would change the way frames were designed. 

As early as the mid-1970s, Dior’s eyewear collection dominated the optical industry and was continuously expanded until the 1990s. The Monsieur series of the 1980s was the most successful line, with elegant designer glasses for men.In 1996 the license for the production of Dior glasses was granted until 2020 to the Safilo Group.


Dior Modern Eyewear:

In most cases, people always get into troubles for their carelessness, such as, their choosing of glasses without paying attention to anti-scratchy, fragile resistant, UV protection etc. However, if one wants to buy a pair of Dior eyeglasses, it will be firstly suggested to receive an eye exam, so as to get an individual service. At the same time, customers will be provided adequate information in choosing a pair of Dior eyeglasses.

As a prominent product of Christian Dior Brand, Dior glasses have also reflected the splendid and unique style of Christian. Rectangular frames in flat metal and combination frames are remarkable characteristics of Dior Eyeglasses.

Another prominent characteristic can be found in Dior glasses is that it always represents the current fashion with modern elegance and optimal protection. Being different from some other like products, Dior glasses has a special logo of “D” on its frame, so as to assure its dignity. Thus, many people admire and pay special attention to Dior glasses. Any man or woman with a pair of Dior eyeglasses can never be out of fashion.

All the features mentioned above that Dior glasses bears can ensure one will be always in the front of fashion. If you are searching for such a pair of glasses, Dior Eyeglasses is an ideal choice.


Dior Collections 2020

Dior puts forward a modern, easy-to-wear and comfortable wardrobe for a confident woman. It’s a young state of mind, irrespective of age. It’s about mixing couture and sportswear elements. It’s expressing your personality and current mood.


Oversized shapes from cruise20 fashion show, Statement of the DiorCruise20 fashion show with DiorMonsieur1, featured on three looks:

  • A vintage look with a masculine flare inspired by a former Dior Monsieur style from the 80s
  • Refined details with open worked double bridge and Gordon pattern on double bridge and temples
  • Two complementary oversized styles:
  1. DiorMonsieur1: a pilot shape
  2. DiorMonsieur2: a navigator shape - Special color finishing on the front to obtain an Havana effect on a very thin metal structure

New signature family that make a statement line thanks to a bold CD logo signature on the temples, Perfect mix of design and functionality:

  • The CD logo in metal folds on the hinge for a distinctive identification
  • Ultra-thin and flat construction to underline the shapes of the styles
  • The flat front folds on the side to form the temples in its continuity
  • Two contemporary designs:
  1. 30Montaigne1: an edgy rectangular shape
  2. 30Montaigne2: fashion oversized squared shape
  • The style is enriched with the Stellaire temples to bring even more modernity to the style



Modern reinterpretation of fork temples with elegant butterfly shapes in metal with well-made design temples.

  • Beautiful alliance of a small fork temple, modern and easy-to-wear, with an identified CD logo made in one single metal piece
  •  A modern reinterpretation of the fork detail, part of the identity of Dior Eyewear Universe
  •  Two complementary shapes:
  1. - DiorGipsy1: a feminine oversized butterfly shape
  2. - DiorGipsy2: a small, fashion butterfly shape


The new feminine metal story, the ultra-thin metal work all around the front recalls Dior jewelry line Rose des Vents beaded pattern.

  • DiorStellaire temples for a distinctive signature
  • Delicate shaded lenses to enhance the feminine allure
  • Laquered endtips for a couple of skus for a touch of color
  • Two feminine and delicate shapes for a fresh look
  1. DiorSociety1, an elegant butterfly shape with sharp angles
  2. DiorSociety2F, a feminine oversized round shape, Asian fitting style


Fashion-forward styles with an innovative construction, ultra-modern and graphic shapes for a sophisticated allure.

  • Lens-in-lens construction: the frame is made of a nylon mask for an ultra-light structure.
  • - Graphic designs playing with a contrast of shapes: unique blend of rounded lines with sharp cuts.
  • Attractive color association with shaded effects on both lenses and frame
  • Perfect mix of design and functionality: the light construction is particularly comfortable.


Introducing the booktote bag identity into the eyewear collection, edgy and clear-cut identification on temples inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri BookTote Bag for a fashion but understated signature.

  • Bold temples embossed with the new logo “Christian Dior Paris” recalling the Booktote and 30 Montaigne bags
  • Natural contrast between matte temples and shiny logo
  • The vibrant colors of the Havana fronts and the shaded lenses add fashionable value to this design
  • Three complementary shapes:
  1. DiorID1: an edgy geometrical shape
  2. DiorID2: an elegant rounded shape
  3. DiorID1F: oversized squared shape, Asian fitting style


Enrich our core offer with an elegant shape, capitalizing on the DiorSoStellaire story by introducing a new feminine butterfly shape.

  • Minimal and refined look: the frame seems to be made of one thread of material and creates an elegant rounded nose, signature of the line
  • The lightness is increased by the rounded section of the frame
  • The shaded colorful lenses emphasize the delicate look of the style


Precious take on the iconic cannage pattern, The DiorbyDior1 pilot shape is enhanced with Swarovski crystals for an ultra-feminine touch

  • The openworked metal frame is delicately crafted to enhance the iconic cannage pattern, essence of Dior’s history 
  • Swarovsky crystals are applied by hand all-over the front to sublimate the cannage pattern

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